Social Responsibility

Polifilm plans and conducts investments in the development

Social Responsibility

Polifilm plans and conducts investments in the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging products, in order to ensure the increase of conscious, recycled and segregated society members. However, no matter plastic, glass, paper or metal, it acts with the awareness that the place of wastes is recycling centers rather than nature, and in order to reduce the negative effects on the environment, the company regularly separates and classifies wastes such as plastic / other materials etc. and sends them to the required points.

To prevent waste of natural resources in our world and to cope with energy crises that may arise, with the awareness that we have a social responsibility as a producer company, our company, which has a duty to play a role in recycling and reuse of waste and works very meticulously, makes its investments in this direction, builds its future plans on the idea of producing more environmentally friendly materials from production to recycling. In our activities, we make all kinds of waste materials that can be recycled, both within our constitution and by recycling companies, and make recycles.

It also engages in R&D activities aimed at sustainable packaging and reducing packaging materials, ensures that our employees are informed about current developments at certain periods, we are in constant communication and cooperation with our suppliers. We work on collaborations with local administrations that have been done or can be done and we participate in workshops on this subject. Within the scope of social responsibility, we value the contribution of universities and scientific institutions in our country, and we make it our duty to cooperate with them that benefit our institution and society.

In this regard, Polifilm acts with the awareness of social responsibility in all its activities and investments with careful attention to compliance with laws and environmental values.