R&D – Business Development

Lead goal in industrial differentiation

R&D Department

Research and development and business development studies are important fields of study in which institutions can create added value and difference.

Like everyone’s, our lifestyle changes with technology. New rules are entering our daily lives, they have a number of new challenges and conveniences. Therefore, products and services have to adapt to this and change.

In this context, Polifilm targets not the unlimited and endless consumption, but the smart consumption and renewable ones by interpreting the accumulation of the institution and new technologies gained over the years and understanding the needs correctly

Our institution is doing research and development studies with the excitement of revealing works that increase product function and performance and add value to the market, the industry, our world and humanity.

In this regard, we create added value with tailor made product development suggestions for applications and problem solutions, creating synergies with customer and third parties and working groups and creating results that make a difference in implementation in addition to continuous innovation, re-engineering, benchmarking studies.

When we say what the stages of R&D and Business Development Procedures in Polifilm are, we can list them as follows;

Technical Analysis of Market Needs,

  • Materials and Production Techniques and Synthesis and Method Development,
  • Adaptation to Market,
  • We hope to be together in smart consumption, renewable and sustainable product development and their applications.