Polifilm Ürünleri

High Performance Solutions

Food Packing Films

Polifilm Ambalaj produces Polyethylene film which is used especially for lamination in food packing production. In order to meet the specific requirements of the applications, our films have been developed with our 25 years of extrusion experience.
Pocket Types
Pillow Pack
Doypack/Stand up Pouch
Zipper - Reclosable
Side, Butom Gusseted, Quattro Seal
Vacuumed Applications
Lid Film
Bag in Box
Rigid Foil Lamination
Food Types
Powder Filling
Liquid Products
Aggressive Products
Mechanical Properties
Medium Duty
Heavy Duty
High Tear Ressistance
COF Properties
Standart Kayganlık
Stable COF
Kontrollü COF
Sealing Properties
Standart Hot Tack
Lower Seal Initiation
Very Low Seal Initiation
BOPP Lap Seal
Peelable Preferances
Peelable to PE and Itself
PVC-APET-PP-PS Bottom Foil
Aluminyum Bottom Foil
Glass Bottom
PP Bottom
Special Additive Preferences
UV Barriers
Blown PP
Heat Treatment
Frozen Food
Hot Fill
Termolamination Films
Thermolaminalable to APET/PVC
Thermolaminable to PET/PVC
Thermolaminable to ALU Foil